Sunday, July 22, 2018

Moraea MM 13-80

Seed parent: MM 10-23a
Pollen parent: MM 10-02b

MM 13-80a. Wow, this is one spectacular flower! I'm not really in love with the color combination of orange, magenta, and dark green eye, but it sure catches your eye when you see it in the garden. This begs to be crossed with MM 13-69b.

Second photo by Garry Knipe:

Moraea MM 13-77

Seed parent: MM 10-02b
Pollen parent: MM 10-02b

It's not easy to make F2 crosses with Moraea species (most of them don't take), but this time it was worth the effort.

MM 13-77b. If this isn't a fully red Moraea hybrid, it's very, very close. I was excited when I saw it.

MM 13-77c. Similar to form b, but pinker.

Here's a photo of the two forms together, courtesy of Garry Knipe:

(In case you're wondering what happened to MM 13-77a...I'm wondering too.)

Moraea MM 13-69

Seed parent: Moraea tulbaghensis with dark gray eye
Pollen parent: Moraea villosa h

Crosses between tulbaghensis and villosa have produced some of my most interesting hybrids, and this is another good example.

MM 13-69a. I like the orange tepals, and the flower has unusual light eyes. What would you call that eye color? Pale orange? Gray?

MM 13-69b. Wow!  That magenta blaze on an orange background is eye-catching.

This is the same selection, believe it or not, in very different lighting.

MM 13-69c. This one is a nice rosy pink color.

MM 13-69d. A lighter pink.

MM 13-69e. Another one with weird light green eyes.

MM 13-69f. This flower is more strange than classically beautiful. The eye is a curious yellow-green shade, and the colors on the tepals are kind of muddy. But it's very interesting, and I wonder what it could do with further breeding.

Moraea MM 13-67

Seed parent: MM 09-02c
Pollen parent: MM 09-02c

This is an F2 hybrid. I'm very pleased with it because the tepals are pure white (with no hint of violet), and the eye colors are bright and clear.

MM 13-67a. Light blue eyes and a yellow center.

MM 13-67b. Dark blue eyes and an orange center.

Moraea MM 13-64

Seed parent: MM 09-02d
Pollen parent: MM 10-02b

MM 13-64a. The pollen parent was elaborately colored, so I was hoping for something spectacular from this flower. This one is not spectacular, but I like the reddish blush in the tepals.

Moraea MM 13-59

Seed parent: MM 03-05b
Pollen parent: Moraea villosa d

MM 13-59a. A nice yellow shade, with no black at all around the eye. It's not spectacular, but this is an interesting little flower.

Moraea MM 13-57

Seed parent: Moraea neopavonia with no eye
Pollen parent: Moraea neopavonia with slate gray eye

I made this cross to increase my seed stock of this species. I didn't bother assigning letters to the offspring, but they're typical of the variety you see in the species.