Sunday, May 15, 2016

Moraea MM 12-109

Seed parent: Moraea tripetala (small purple form)
Pollen parent: Moraea neopavonia (blue eye)

The parents:

MM 12-109a. I really enjoy making these species crosses, because you never know how the flowers will combine. In this case we get the general color scheme of M. neopavonia but the shape of M. tripetala. I like the precise and clean look of this flower. As usual when I cross orange and purple species, the flower is pale orange. I took daytime and night-time photos of this one.

This photo shows you how the flower color fades over time (the darker flower in the background is a couple of days younger).

MM 12-109b. This one may be the same as form A, but I am not sure. Check out the little line outward from the eye. That's not present in form a.

MM 12-109c. This one was just opening.

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