Monday, May 30, 2016

Moraea Wish List

I am trying to collect as many species as possible from subspecies Vieusseuxia, because it includes the Peacock Moraeas (the most colorful in the genus) and because most of the Vieusseuxias I've tried can interbreed. So I want to both preserve these plants in cultivation and see how they combine together.

I haven't been able to find sources for the species below. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. I'm happy to trade.

Moraea algoensis
Moraea amabilis
Moraea amissa
Moraea barkerae
Moraea barnardii
Moraea caeca
Moraea cantharophila
Moraea cuspidata
Moraea debilis
Moraea deltoidea
Moraea gigandra (orange, white forms)
Moraea grandis
Moraea hainebachiana
Moraea helmei
Moraea incurva
Moraea insolens (orange, white forms)
Moraea lilacina
Moraea lurida (orange, purple, white forms)
Moraea longiaristata
Moraea mutila
Moraea ogamana
Moraea petricola
Moraea regalis
Moraea rivulicola
Moraea tulbaghensis (white form)
Moraea villosa ssp elandsmontana
Moraea worcesterensis


  1. Hi Mike,

    B&T lists both M. amabilis and M. incurva:




    list a lot of those.

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