Saturday, May 14, 2016

Moraea MM 12-67

Seed parent: Moraea villosa form B
Pollen parent: Moraea villosa form D

The parents:

This cross produced a very nice variety of Moraea villosa color forms, some of them with tepals so wide that they overlap (a characteristic of villosa B). These plants were grown by Garry Knipe from a cross I made. The photos were taken under a tarp in the middle of a rainstorm, and I did not do a good job of focusing. But it was a lot better than photographing in the rain. Thanks for putting up the tarp, Garry!

GK 1210. Check out those big wide tepals, the light blue eye, and the green eyelash around it..

GK 1210_9. Wide tepals, a huge two-tone eye, and very nice coloring around the eyes.

GK 1210_21b. The tepals are not as wide as some of its siblings, but I like the intense yellow ring around the eye.

GK 1210. This one has the yellow ring, and the tepals are very pale cream-yellow as well (they look white in the photo, but trust me).

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