Saturday, May 14, 2016

Moraea MM 12-67

Seed parent: Moraea villosa form B
Pollen parent: Moraea villosa form D

The parents:

I made this cross, but none of the seeds I planted grew successfully. Luckily, I gave some seeds to Iris breeder Garry KNipe, and he planted many more of them than I did. That was a very wise move, because they've produced a beautiful variety of Moraea villosa color forms, some of them with tepals so wide that they overlap (a characteristic of villosa B). Some of these photos were taken under a tarp in the middle of a rainstorm, and I did not do a good job of focusing. But it was a lot better than photographing in the rain. Thanks for putting up the tarp, Garry!

The properly-focused photos were provided by Garry.

GK 1210. Check out those big wide tepals, the light blue eye, and the green eyelash around it..

GK 1210_1. Wow, where did that pale orange color come from?

GK 1210_6 in two views.

GK 1210_7. A pale yellow flower that fades to white. There are interesting speckles on the flower.

GK 1210_8.

GK 1210_9. Wide tepals, a huge two-tone eye, and very nice coloring around the eyes.

GK 1210_9 and 1210_10.

GK 1210_11.

GK 1210_12.

GK 1210_13.

GK 1210_15.

GK 1210_16.

GK 1210_18. Unusual narrow blue eyes on this one.

GK 1210_21b. The tepals are not as wide as some of its siblings, but I like the intense yellow ring around the eye.

GK 1210. This one has the yellow ring, and the tepals are very pale cream-yellow as well (they look white in the photo, but trust me).

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