Sunday, May 15, 2016

Moraea MM 12-118

Seed parent: Moraea villosa form a
Pollen parent: Moraea bellendenii

The parents:

MM 12-118a. Wow, what a cool surprise! When I made this cross I thought maybe I'd get something that looks like Moraea villosa, but with yellow tepals. Instead I got this very unusual color combination. Many Moraeas have a colored central cup, a black rim at the edge of the cup, and then a colored eye (see the photo of the seed parent above: orange cup, narrow black rim, blue eye). This hybrid has a dark center and two colored rings. I've never seen this bullseye pattern in a Moraea before, and I can't wait to try this same cross with other M. villosa color forms.

Unfortunately, this plant produces virtually no useful pollen -- the anthers are pitiful little withered things. But it does set seeds when pollinated.

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