Saturday, May 2, 2015

Moraea MM 11-19

Seed parent: Moraea aristata
Pollen parent: Moraea villosa a

The seed parent is white with a two-tone blue eye, while the pollen parent is purple with an orange center and blue eye. The offspring are all basically white with blue eyes, and sometimes interesting patterning around the eye.

MM 11-19a. Yow! Check out the dark eyelashes around the blue eye. I also like the hint of yellow behind them.

MM 11-19b. Look carefully at this photo and the one above it. Not only are the eyelashes much reduced, but there's no black and yellow rim around the eye.

MM 11-19c. More eyelashes, but not as prominent as in form a. Also, the tepals are not as white, and the center is yellower but a bit dirty-looking.

MM 11-19d. This one has a bit of the two-tone Aristata color scheme, with a purplish edge around the eye.


  1. My favorite up to now!

    Thanks for the skills and the patience when pollinating, harvesting, sowing, raising and finally being there with the camera on the flowering day. It takes a few years...

  2. Thanks for the nice feedback! I really like the photography on your website, by the way.