Saturday, May 2, 2015

Moraea MM 11-17

Seed parent: Moraea gigandra
Pollen parent: Moraea villosa a

The seed parent has purple tepals, a blue eye, and a clear orange center. The pollen parent is purple with a narrow blue eye and a mottled black center.

Many gigandra x villosa crosses look a lot like villosa, but these are pretty distinctive. There's some black mottling in the center of the flower from M. gigandra, and the tepals look a bit elongated, whereas M. villosa usually has round tepals.

MM 11-17a. This one's my favorite from this cross. Although it's hard to see from the photo, the tepals are bluer than its siblings, and the eye is also a flat, solid blue color. When you see the flower in person, its blueness really stands out compared to the purpleness of the others.

MM 11-17b. The tepals are more purple-y than its sibling above, but I do like the yellow center.

MM 11-17c. This one has an orange center and a more rounded eye.

11-17d. Another yellow center, but the tepals are more rounded than form b.

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