Thursday, April 3, 2014

Moraea MM 10-37

Seed parent: Moraea aristata
Pollen parent: Moraea tulbaghensis

I was very anxious to see the flowers from this cross. I was hoping for the big blue eye of M. aristata on a bright orange background. But instead, the flowers are all pale yellow-orange with a dark purple-black eye. Form b of this cross has aristata-style speckles on the backs of the tepals, the other forms don’t, but otherwise they are all identical. I did some crosses between them to see what the F2 generation will look like.

MM 10-37a

MM 10-37b
After a couple of days in the sun, the orange fades a bit, as you can see in this photo. (In case you're wondering, that little slip of plastic is a piece of vinyl window blind, which I use as a small tag to mark individual corms.)

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