Thursday, April 3, 2014

Moraea MM 10-04

Seed parent: Moraea gigandra
Pollen parent: Moraea tulbaghensis (green eye)

This made for a very pleasant combination. Mostly the flower looks like Moraea tulbaghensis (this is yet another example in which orange appears to dominate over purple in the first generation cross). But the eye is wide and thin (more like an eyebrow than an eye), reminiscent of M. gigandra. The cup also has the color pattern of M. gigandra.

MM 10-04A

In the photo above, the eye looks blue. It's actually green.

This photo shows the green eye better. The color is a bit more vivid than this in real life.

This flower has been open for several days. The orange in the tepals gradually fades in the sun.

Only a single seed of this cross sprouted, so I’ll be trying to make the cross again.

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