Friday, March 8, 2013

Moraea MM 09-01

Seed parent: Moraea aristata
Pollen parent: Moraea loubseri

Cross a white Moraea with a purple Moraea and what do you get? A pale purple Moraea, duh. These are vigorous plants that put out many flowers, but they're not all that exciting visually. They're also completely infertile so far: 0 for 9 as a seed parent, and only one attempted cross as a pollen parent because the flowers have virtually no pollen (the cross failed). I'm afraid this particular cross is probably a dead end for breeding.

It does raise an interesting question, though. In terms of shape, the flowers below look a lot like the flowers of MM 99-00, a cross that I thought was between M. neopavonia and M. atropunctata. I wonder if those bulbs might actually be M. neopavonia x M. loubseri. I am repeating both crosses to find out.

Anyway, here's how the flowers look when they first open:

After the flowers have been in the sun for a few days, the tepals fade to almost pure white:

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