Thursday, March 7, 2013

Moraea MM 03-98

Seed parent: Moraea atropunctata
Pollen parent: Moraea calcicola

This was one of my happiest early experiments in Moraea breeding.  Moraea atropunctata has cream-colored flowers with brown spots on them. Cross it with a purple Moraea, and you turn the spots purple!

I have four variants, which have different dot patterns and flower shapes. Unlike most of my Moraea hybrids, these plants will set seeds when crossed together. So I have some F2 hybrids on the way.

These plants are vigorous and have a long blooming period.

MM 03-98a has the most freckles on the face of the flower, and nice wide tepals. It also has small purple dots on the backs of the tepals. Its pollen does not seem to be very fertile, but it sets seed fairly well.

MM 03-98b has almost no freckles. It's pretty good as both a pollen and seed parent.

MM 03-98c has fewer freckles than form a, but is a good seed and pollen parent.

MM 03-98d has a slightly sparser dot pattern. I probably overdid it in numbering all these minor variants.

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