Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Moraea MM 03-04

Seed parent: Moraea aristata
Pollen parent: Moraea calcicola

This is a cross between a purple flower and a white flower, and as usual the result is a light purple flower that fades almost to white in the sun. The center looks black at first, but actually it's very dark indigo, with black hairs. The tepals have subtle purple streaks on them.

This cross is fairly vigorous, but doesn't produce much pollen. I've only been able to make two crosses so far with this one as the pollen parent. But as a seed parent it's turning out to be moderately fertile, with nine successful crosses as of early 2013.

There are two variants, but they're so similar that I'd have a hard time identifying them unless I saw them side by side.

MM 03-04a has slightly rounder tepals:

MM 03-04b is a bit more triangular in shape, and has slightly darker streaks on the tepals:

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